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Voltron - Defender of the Universe



          Voltron is the motherfucking defender of the universe! Originally done by Toei, the American dubbed version eliminated much of the violence from this Japanese anime. There were three different Voltron, all of them misnumbered  because the original version of the shape-changing giant robot was the Go Lion one, with the five robot lions piloted by the five fearless dudes Keith, Lance, Pidge, Sven, and Hunk. Anyway, the original Voltron was given number three, while the next version, the vehicular  Voltron comprised of a clusterfuck of geographically based vehicles, this was number one.

              The 1980's were bizarre, as there was yet a third Voltron, one that no one remembers, comprised of three robots and was included in the Matchbox line of toys with the distinction of being number two. They never got around to giving Voltron Two a cartoon and it was most likely due to the fact that while the Go Lion version was a red hot commodity in both anime and toy sales, the next version, with the land-based, water-based, and air-based vehicles, Voltron One, was not as popular. Having seen both series, and enjoyed both, my thoughts on this, and those of you who dig this shit, let me know if you agree, but I think that the tone of the Voltron One series was moody and depressing as compared to the high energy of the Lion series. As a matter of fact, I remember rejecting the Voltron One series at first, but eventually giving it a try but realizing 
that it was an acquired taste, as other people didn't like it and didn't watch it. It was methodical in its story telling approach, and it paid the price because the TV people apparently figured out that I was the only one watching it, so the yanked it off the air right when I was gonna see the series finale. Oh, and I don't count the 1990's Faggot Voltron, which was a computer generated 
cartoon series, as being part of the franchise. The pricks who made that piece of shit also used the beloved Lion version. Assholes. What a fucking piece of shit that was. 

Check out the synopsis for the basic gist of the show and check out the episode guide for a complete list of episodes. If you have any questions, let us know via the hotline or e-mail and I hope you dig this shit and use the info for your enjoyment.

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Chicago Center For Killing!
....and remember that while in the US version
of the cartoon, the pilot of the Blue Lion,
Sven, was injured and laid out, the actual
cartoon itself, the Japanese version, had him