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         The Voltron show centered around Planet Arus, and the Lion Force dudes went around the galaxy, on behalf of the Galaxy Alliance, and wound up on Arus, where they hung out with the princess, Allura, and commandeered the giant robot lions to fight various robeasts sent to the planet by that evil bastard, King Zarkon, and his son, Prince Lotor. It was Hagar the witch who would create  these monsters to terrorise the people so that Zarkon could conquer it and add it to his collection of other shit. Most of the time, these robeasts were really tough and the Lion Force would use the five lions to attack these monsters and wear them down. The climax of the battle would come when the robeast was disoriented from a good shot to the head or other area of the body, and the lions would combine to form Voltron. 
               Keith was the captain and he had the Black Lion, which formed Voltron's head and torso, and Lance had the Red Lion with Pidge having the Green Lion. Both the Red and Green Lions were the arms of the giant robot, while Hunk's Yellow Lion and Sven's Blue Lion formed the legs. Yeah, they were geographically based too, as the Red Lion was kept in a volcano (right.), the Green Lion in the local Forest Preserve, the Blue Lion was kept under water, and the Yellow Lion was in the desert. The Black Lion was the regal thing parked like a Cadillac in front of the castle. Oh yeah, it was one hell of a castle! After being put over, the Lion Force would pose for pictures on a balcony of the castle at the end of each show for the thousands of screaming marks.  Princess Allura actually was part of the Lion Force because the Sven character was killed off pretty early in the series, like most anime shows do, but in the U.S. version, they just said he got hurt and couldn't work anymore. In the actual series, Sven was killed off, only to have his twin brother appear later on, but he was off no use anyway. In the U.S., World Events had dubbed the twin as being Sven showing up again, though he didn't become part of the team again, as Allura was in charge of operating the Blue Lion. It took her a long time to get the hang of it, and the others had to cover for her at times, but she did get better. 

      The Vehicle Voltron was a depressing story of how a shitload of planets had become overcrowded and the Galaxy Alliance had to send out various fleets of explorers to find new planets to colonize. I guess there was a shortage of prophylactics. Anyway, while looking around outer space searching for new worlds, the babyfaces, or technicos, would be followed around by the Evil Drule, who would fuck with them constantly. Since the Voltron of Planet Arus was too far away, they made their own version, but instead of lions had the three teams of five vehicles. 
               The third version, named number two, would have been based on the series Albegas and would have been three smaller humanoid robots that combined to form one larger robot. They decided against it as the second version of Voltron was drawing for the World Events company. Check out the episode guides.




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