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Episode Guide

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    1. Space Explorers Captured
   2. The Extinct Star of Illusion
   3. Escape to Another Planet
   4. An Apparition and Five Keys
   5. A Ghost And Four Keys
   6. Resurrection of the Legendary Giant
   7. The Missing Key
   8. Fortress of the New Battle
   9. The Princess Joins Up
  10. The Death of Brave Shirogane
  11. The Right Arm of Voltron
  12. Fight of the Beautiful Princess
  13. The Lion Has New Claws
  14. Stolen Blue Lion
  15. The Stolen Lion
  16. Girl of the Evil Country
  17. A Pretty Spy
  18. The Secret of the White Lion
  19. Secret of the White Lion
  20. The Red Rain of Hell
  21. Surrender
  22. The Evil Deeds of the Great Emperor
  23. Bad Birthday Party
  24. Honerva the Beauty Appears
  25. The Witch Gets a Face Lift
  26. The Crown Prince of Hell
  27. Yurak Gets His Pink Slip
  28. Get Over the Spectre of Shirogane
  29. Give Me Your Princess
  30. The Love Bridge of Legend
  31. Bridge Over the River Chozzerai
  32. Challenge of Space
  33. My Brother Is A Robeast
  34. The Sound of Steps in the Forest of Fear
  35. Zarkon Is Dying
  36. The Ghost Castle of Mystery
  37. The Buried Castle
  38. Goodbye Earth
  39. Pidge's Home Planet
  40. Sister Star of Altea
  41. It'll Be a Cold Day
  42. The Space Rose of Illusion
  43. The Deadly Flowers
  44. Friday the Thirteenth
  45. It Takes Real Lions
  46. Search for the Small Shadows!
  47. Raid of the Alien Mice
  48. Destroy the Huge Gun!
  49. Short Run of the Centipede Express
  50. Defeat the Invisible Enemy
  51. The Invisible Robeast
  52. The Lullaby of the Giant Beast
  53. The Green Medusa
  54. Birthday of the Demon
  55. The Treasure of Planet Tyrus
  56. The Sky of Fire Approaches
  57. Magnetic Attraction
  58. The Black Love of the Crown Prince
  59. The Sleeping Princess
  60. The Mecha Beastman of Fear
  61. The Sincerest Form of Flattery
  62. Behold the One Hundred Ton Punch
  63. A Transplant for the Blue Lion
  64. Terror of the Space Frog
  65. Attack of the Fierce Frogs
  66. Underground Secret Operation
  67. Lotor Traps Pidge
  68. Defend the Soccer Stadium
  69. Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics
  70. Death Match of Light and Shadow
  71. Lotor's Clone
  72. Speed Mania of Space
  73. Lotor's New Hitman
  74. Go Lion Hunting
  75. Raid of the Red Berets
  76. The Trap of the Super Armored Strength Star
  77. The Captive Comet
  78. Altea Devoid of Tomorrow
  79. The Little Prince
  80. The Younger Brother of Brave Shirogane
  81. There Will Be A Royal Wedding
  82. The Sand Planet Calls Out Death
  83. The Sand People
  84. Young Death Defying Squad of Anger
  85. Voltron Frees the Slaves
  86. Vow of Planet Jalu
  87. Voltron vs. Voltron
  88. Great Army of Darkness
  89. One Princess To Another
  90. Aburada’s Great Victory of Love
  91. The Mighty Space Mouse
  92. Target Mannaker
  93. Summit Meeting
  94. Rebellion of the Mecha Fortress
  95. Return of Coran's Son
  96. The Challenge of Mister Mecha X
  97. Coran's Son Runs Amuck
  98. Great Charge to Galra
  99. Zarkon Becomes a Robeast
100. Go Lion, Fighting Hard
101. Lotor the King
102. Burn Galra Castle
103. Final Victory      


 1. In Search of New Worlds
 2. First Day on a New World
 3. Building a New World
 4. Goodbye, New World
 5. Try This World For Size
 6. A Storm of Meteors
 7. Help Not Wanted
 8. Ghost Fleet From Another Planet
 9. A Very Short Vacation
10. Planet of the Bats
11. A Temporary Truce
12. Wolo's Lost World
13. Planet Stop for Repairs
14. A Curious Comet
15. In the Enemy Camp
16. Who's On First
17. No, Who's On Second
18. What's On First
19. Great Stone Space Faces
20. Defend the New World
21. Meanwhile Back at Galaxy Garrison
22. Nerok Scores Big
23. Hazar on the Carpet
24. Hazar is Demoted
25.Just Like Earth
26. The Planet Trap
27. Save the Space Station
28. Planet of the Amazons
29. Revolt of the Slaves
30. Raid on Galaxy Garrison
31. Smashing the Meteor Barrier
32. A Man Made Sun
33. Captain Newley Returns
34. Hazar Bucks the Empire
35. Letters From Home
36. Peace - A Fish Story!
37. The Red Moon People
38. This World's For the Birds
39. That's the Old Ball Game
40. Red Moon Rises Again
41. Another Solar System
42. Whose World Is It
43. It's Anybody's World
44. Frozen Assets
45. Coconuts
46. It Could Be a Long War
47. Color Me Invisible
48. Time Running Out
49. Zero Hour Approaches
50. The Drules' World Cracks Up
51. The Drules Surrender
52. The End of Hazar's World